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About Us

BuysUp is an accessories brand that was created in May 2018 to allow customers customize their jewelry and accessorize their outfits. No matter how you layer or wear it, it creates a mood. 90% of our creative staff is made up of women. We sketch initially on paper, then translate designs into digital sketches and 3D models, keeping our eyes and hearts open to new trends, materials, shapes, and possibilities. Before being carefully hand-crafted by our artisans, confirmed designs go through a product-centric focus group process, where quality and usefulness are tested by actual people in their everyday lives.

Another four months are needed to refine the sampling and manufacturing process, which must match both speed to market and honest production requirements. Before casting, plating, polishing, and stone setting, a specific wax mold formulation is used to bring sketches to life. Every material, stone, and crystal has been responsibly sourced and meticulously created. Our mission is to always improve on the past while also advancing our industry into the future.

We are passionate about making it easier and pleasant for customers to shop online. We hope you will find your favorite products and to see you as our returning customer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: support@xabpd.com